From the Mums and Dads!



"Dear Gill 
I just wanted to send you a huge thank you! I am so pleased we asked you to be our doula. 
You were like our guiding light on Savannahs birthday.
My mum wasn’t around so having your maternal presence was very special for us.
We will never forget how you helped us "

Sam, Justin and Savannah

"Gill is a wonderfully warm, calm, happy and responsive person to have around you. I had a stressful last few weeks of pregnancy and she helped me steer through this with sensitivity and good humour. The birth was brilliant! 
Really very easy, so my trust in Gill paid off handsomely, and I would thoroughly recommend her as a doula."

"Dear Gill 
We will probably struggle to convey just how much what you have done for us means but here goes... 
when we looked for a doula we never imagined we would be so lucky to have someone like you, you set us at ease from the moment we met you and helped massively with positive thinking before the birth. 
You were unobtrusive, supportive, sensible and humorous, who thought a day in labour could turn out to be such a lovely day. 
You are very special to our family and we thank you for everything.. "

"I want to take this moment to thank you for all your support, I will never forget the help you gave to us as a family.

Though at the last minute things got scary your support to Richard means so much to me. 
Baby is doing just great feeding on the breast and sleeping lots.. 
Thanking you will never be enough you were amazing..."

"Thank you for all your help over the last six weeks, you have made dealing with a toddler and a newborn after a c.section a pleasure rather than a nightmare! I will miss your calming presence, delicious home cooking, James will miss his fireman playmate and Greg will miss all the cuddles......"

"Thank you for all your postnatal support, I have never been so pleased to see someone at the door so I can go back to bed!"

"Gill was an amazing help to me, it was so nice to have those weeks when household duties were carried out by Gill and I could concentrate on my baby ....heavenly!"

Sam Latham - Mum to four